Client Testimonials

At INTERSTAR Media, LLC, Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal with every web design and development project. We are proud to have worked with clients from all over the world. When we finish a project, some of our clients are kind enough to share their experiences and thoughts about our services.

Here are some client testimonials to give you an idea of our clients' experiences:

A few client testimonials
“I have worked with Larry Jones for a few months now based on a recommendation from a mutual colleague and he has continued to exceed my expectations.

Larry has displayed a high degree of professionalism, creativity, and integrity since the beginning of our business relationship. With confidence, I highly recommend Larry Jones for your social media, web design, and web hosting needs.

He has done a tremendous job for VX, LLC and he is an all around great person do to business with.”

“I've been fortunate enough to have hired Larry Jones for a little over a year. In that time, he has proven time and again that he is a hardworking, professional and knowledgeable expert in his field. I may even go as far as to say he is a perfectionist!

Since Larry took over our company’s marketing and branding strategy, I've been consistently amazed at his ability to effortlessly communicate effectively with us, especially his ability to put us where he sees our products will be of value to the consumers and produce the best ROI for the company.

Larry's understanding of technology and online marketing is beyond just building websites or producing traffic, and if I'm being completely honest, I'd say that I've never met a person in his industry who can work the magic in the way that Larry can.

In just over a short year Larry has helped grow our company from a small startup into two retail locations and an online store with over 40,000 visitors a month and growing. I would highly recommend Larry without hesitation to anyone who was considering doing business with him.”

“The Man, The Mission, The Machine, best describes the work ethic of Larry Jones. Given the opportunity he asserts 101% of his energy and expertise into the project and will definitely over deliver on his proposal. Larry's attention to detail, ability to lead and foresight within the scope of the project, makes him a must have on any project.”

“I am pleased to provide Larry with this recommendation; but before i do, i would like to say that our relationship that first emerged out of a need for our business, has, after eight years, now evolved into one based on trust and friendship. Quality costs less! That’s our motto!

With Larry, you not only receive a quality product but you also have someone who will stand by you. At this point in my life, I now know that friends are more important than careers; so i wish Larry the very best, and i know that on his journey to helping other people, new friends will be made and old ones will be blessed.”

“I own a marketing company in the health and wellness industry and was seeking some professional help with improving my image and brand through the web and social media. I got far more than I expected working with InterStar Media. Not only did they provide me with sophisticated marketing tools, including an extremely well designed website and social media integration—but they effectively served as overall marketing consultants.

InterStar Media truly woke me up to the new tools that need to be used in today’s current environment and gave my business a far more professional and sophisticated presence than I had. Best of all, they did so at a fraction of what some other companies had quoted for similar services.

Their knowledge, skill, professionalism, and passion for what they do gave me great confidence that I made the right decision and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

“There are good IT people that I have met and then there are great ones. Larry is far superior to any other designer and web expert that you may have ever known. Larry is the best there is.

He will work well for you and he knows what works. He understands the goals of business and what you are looking for, results that bring people to your site. I highly recommend Larry Jones. If you are looking for an expert in web systems and web design, he is your guy. ”

“Larry provides high quality service at a resonable price and always goes above and beyond with any project that he has worked on for us. Each time I am impressed and highly satisfied with the product that we are given to represent our company. ”