Pricing Information

We have completed projects for hundreds of individuals, small companies, startup companies as well as large corporations. When calling web design companies for pricing, you will talk to freelancers claiming to be a company and offshore companies claiming to be in the US. You will get pricing that ranges so wide that it leaves most consumers confused. Unfortunately we have no control over the industry as a whole, but what we do have control over is trying to help you understand our process and why you are getting such wide ranges in pricing.

You will find after calling 3 to 5 companies that our price will be right in the middle. As with any other industry that is not regulated or commercialized you get those who take no pride in what they do and will quote prices so low that is scares most people. Then you get the ones that will price a project so high for one of two reasons. Either the project is beyond their experience and they are going outsource it and still make some profit or they are very proud of what they do and think you should pay dearly for their services.

It is usually the later though and we have found the ones that range in pricing so much are either freelancers or offshore companies. So if you feel you must shop around just educate yourself on choosing a good company to handle your project. INTERSTAR Media, LLC will explain every detail of the process, time lines, explain the cost as well as provide everything in writing outlining in detail exactly what our responsibilities are as well as your own.

INTERSTAR Media, LLC design packages are reasonably priced, starting at as low as $995 for a quality 5 page website design. Unlike many other companies, we offer a better value for your money. We do not have any hidden charges. Unlike other companies, you (the client) are not obligated to host with us however we do recommend it due to the fact we have no control over other hosting companies and our number one concern is the results you receive from our products and services.