Mobile Application Design & Development

Designing and developing mobile applications requires specialists that not only understand the unique user interface paradigm of mobile devices, but also understand how to create an exceptional mobile extension of your business. 

To begin, INTERSTAR Media, LLC’s user experience architects conduct behavioral research to identify key mobile usage scenarios that resonate with your end users. 

We focus on reducing complexity and creating a streamlined, linear navigation scheme that is fundamentally different than interaction design for a Web site. Our visual design team understands the power of your brand, extending your corporate branding to the look and feel of your mobile application so that the final product has a strong, custom brand identity that will distinguish it from other, “out-of-the-box” applications.

Our development teams work in lock-step with our designers to ensure the final product is as faithful as possible to the original design. In fact we use rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that the application performs as specified, and more importantly that it satisfies the users and delivers the value that the business expects.

Furthermore, we perform system integration to enable mobile applications to connect and surface a business’ Web services, Web content, transactional systems and other back-office applications for maximum feature richness, flexibility and extensibility.

Our development teams are also expert in developing custom controls that gracefully extend the capabilities of an application while maintaining a crisp, useable user-interface, while maintaining a focus on manageability and performance.