Letter from CEO
Larry D. Jones Jr
CEO & Founder
Keep in Touch:

When I first founded INTERSTAR Media, LLC, my plan was to have a small team dedicated to producing the highest level of work for our clients. As we achieved great results for our early clients, the company was able to grow organically.

As more quality clients came to INTERSTAR Media, LLC, the company was able to attract the top talent in design, development and marketing. Today, INTERSTAR Media, LLC has employees in offices around the US and has a client roster that includes some of the top companies throughout North America.

"I didn't start out with the idea of turning INTERSTAR Media, LLC into a large firm."

We have grown this company by producing web sites and web marketing programs designed to provide the highest possible return on investment for our clients. INTERSTAR Media, LLC’s results driven websites greatly enhance the profitability of our clients businesses.

We have found by delivering the highest quality work, the growth has come naturally. While we have grown, we have not done so at the expense of the quality of our work or the quality of our team. Each of our team members brings a unique array of industry and individual experience to our company. The combined strengths of our teams are separated into the following departments that deliver high volume and high quality brand focused sites: Consultants, Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Web Marketing Specialists, Testing Engineers.

We are a company that can do it all for you: Web Design, Social Media, Web Development, Graphics, Animation, Search Engine Optimization, Voice Over, Branding, Marketing, Translation, Web Hosting, e-commerce and much more.

We understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. We have a good number of expert teams in these domains and will drive you from the real space to the virtual space very smoothly.

From the start, our friendly team will work with you personally to understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. We then create your site in a timely manner, get your approval on our work, and publish your Web site on the Internet.

Choosing someone to handle your business web solutions can be a little frustrating and even confusing. We hope we have answered all the possible questions you may have had to make to choose us to handle your needs, however, if there are any questions left unanswered please pick up the phone and give us a call. We will gladly discuss your needs and concerns. Regardless, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our company and no matter who you choose we hope you have lots of success in all your endeavors.

Call us toll free on 1-800-317-0280, or email us today for a free professional consultation to discuss what we can do for you.